Minute 038: Is That Rocket Fuel or What?

  • 26 June, 2024

GUEST: Homer Hickam, Jr.

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Quentin wonders if their propellant has air pockets that act like little combustion chambers.

“I think we’re gonna need a liquid binder of some sort,” says Quentin.

“What about gasoline?” asks Roy Lee.

“That’s a good idea,” says O’Dell, sardonically. He pretends to read a news report: “Four unidentifiable high school students lost their lives earlier this mornin’ when their toy rocket exploded.”

“Alcohol,” says Homer. “I mean, alcohol’s stable, and it’ll evaporate quickly.”

“Yeah,” agrees Quentin, “but it’d have to be 100% undiluted. None of that watered-down stuff they sell at the company store. I have no idea where we could find that.”

Roy Lee smiles.

Later that night, Roy Lee leads the boys to a moonshiner.

“Listen,” says Roy Lee. “I know these fellas, so let me do all the talkin’.”

“I’m not gonna say a word,” says Homer.

Later, the boys stagger out of the moonshiner’s house.

“Is that rocket fuel or what?” laughs the moonshiner.

Later, Roy Lee and Homer don welder’s helmets and pour the pure alcohol into a glass container.

O’Dell and Quentin, also wearing welder’s masks, hold the solid propellant over an open flame to melt it.

In This Episode

  • Jake Gyllenhall as Homer Hickam
  • William Lee Scott as Roy Lee
  • Chad Lindberg as O'Dell
  • Chris Owen as Quentin
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